In summary the procedures are as follows:

You should bring your complaint to the attention of MASU’s
Complaints Manager as soon as possible. You may do so
either in person, by phone, or in writing.

The Complaints Manager will formally log your complaint in
MASU’s Complaints Register and will within 7 days of
receipt of your complaint send you a letter acknowledging
receipt of your complaint and providing other important
information relating to how your complaint will be managed.

The Complaints Manager will endeavour to resolve the
matter as soon as practicable or in any case within 45 days
of your giving notice of your complaint/raising the dispute.

All complaints are dealt with according to the priority and
urgency that they require. This may require that the
handling of your complaint be elevated above or relegated
below earlier or later complaints made.

Where there are special circumstances relating to your
complaint such that it is not reasonable for it to be resolved
in 45 days you will be informed of the reasons for the delay
and will be informed what options and rights are available to

To be able to resolve the complaint the Complaints Manager
may seek further information from you. Any such request
for additional information or clarification from you will
indicate that your response is required within 14 calendar
days from date of the request to enable compliance with
MASU’s stipulated response times.

You may be asked to sign file notes of relevant
conversations to confirm that they contain a complete and
accurate record of the factual matters giving rise to the
complaint and of any subsequent discussions.

Until your complaint is finalised MASU’s Complaints
Manager will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining contact with you to ensure that you are kept
    informed of the progress of your complaint;
  • Ensuring that your complaint is properly managed until
    either a final decision is made or you withdraw the
  • Maintaining all files, including copies of all enquiries,
    information, documentation, investigations and
    decisions in regard to your complaint.

Subject to what is set out above you will be provided with
MASU Financial Management Pty Ltd’s final written
response within 45 days of receiving your complaint.

When determining the response the Complaints Manager
must consider your complaint in an objective and fair

When considering the appropriate remedy the Complaints
Manager must consider:

    • Relevant legal principles;
    • Relevant codes of conduct;
    • Principles of fairness;
    • Relevant industry best practice.

You will be given written reasons for the decision on the
complaint which adequately addresses the issues that were
raised in the initial complaint. The written reasons will refer
to the applicable provisions in relevant legislation, codes,
standards or procedures.

The response may be either that the complaint is dismissed
and no further action will be taken or that the complaint has
been accepted and that you will be provided with one or
more of the following:

  • An apology;
  • A refund;
  • Compensation;
  • An indication of what actions will be taken to ensure that
    no other clients have been or will not be affected by the
    same or similar facts giving rise to your complaint.

The final written response will state clearly:

  • That the internal dispute resolution process has
  • That a final decision about the complaint has been made;
  • What the final decision is;
  • That if you are not satisfied with the response you have
    the right to refer the complaint to the Australian Financial
    Complaints Authority (AFCA) an external dispute
    resolution body of which MASU Financial Management
    Pty Ltd is a member (membership number 10648).
  • That if you wish to lodge your complaint with AFCA you
    must do so within 2 years of the date of the final written

You will not be given a final written response if your
complaint is resolved to your complete satisfaction by the
end of the fifth business day after the complaint was
received and you have not requested a response in writing.

If you do refer the matter to AFCA MASU Financial
Management Pty Ltd will provide AFCA with all relevant
information in a timely manner.

If you have any further questions about the process please
immediately contact either the financial adviser that you are
dealing with or MASU Financial Management Pty Ltd’s
Complaints Manager by phone, email or in writing to discuss
the matter further